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Fanfic Index

I make this to make everything easier

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Animation Project + REI CHAN'S BIRTHDAY!

Yuhuuuu~~ Ren chan is here...
How long it has been? I hope some of you still remember me :p

Firstly, I want to greet all of you. Bellloooo~~ *minion style
Secondly, I want to congratulate Rei chan a.k.a hwangtinglee for her birthday today~
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONEE SAMA!!!!! May all of your dreams come true just like Hey! Say! JUMP song~~ MUOHOHOH

And the last one is... I want to share my company's project. Those are two animated tv series titled Llyum and Albi.
You can watch the preview by clicking the pictures below. I hope you like it.

Oo.. I colored some of the artworks~~ nyohoho....
Thank you so much and GOD BLESS YOU, MY DEAREST LJ FAMILY!!! <3



There is Always A Place for Return

Title: There is Always A Place for Return
Pairing: YamaChii
Author: Renveriouz
Rating: PG
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Summary: there is such a word like "late" if you are talking about love
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UWOOO... Keito got a girl~~

I am not trying to spread a dating rumor here, but I found a pic of Keito and a girl. They look like a couple~
They look so adorable. Muahahaha...
But, they might be friend (*smirk), siblings, but for me they looked like couple :p
I won't post the pic cause I think you will find it soon in weibo or tumblr or maybe google.

But but but! I am so excited! I won't talk about JE and the rules because I don't care :p
I will scream & shout if it is YamaChii but but, it's our KEITO! XD
I am too excited now. YIHAAAAA~ <3 <3

Go go Keito~~

But, if I need to remember the JE rules... I think they will ask them to break up... BOOOOO

Introduction...?? >.< (Kinda late)

Ummm... Where should I start???
I want to know all of you better

Renveriouz is my pen name here, but all of you can call me  REN CHAN  >.<

Well... I will turn 20 in this May... Nooo~~ I want to be young forever... ahahaha.. kidding
Let see... Oh.. I'm from Indonesia and I'm an Animation major student.. I'm in the second year XD (this is the reason why I always stressed out and make my self into semi-hiatus) XD

I love Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, and Arioka Daiki so much because they are so CUTE... No one beats them. But, I also love their voice. It makes me feel happy whenever I hear they sing. ^^
My favorite pairing is YAMACHII.. (I'm totally YamaChii biased). I also like Okajima and TaDaiki (hahaha.. I wonder why?)
Lately, I'm paying more attention in making their fanart.. Hahaha..

Jaa.. That's all about me.. ^^
Any farther question will be answered if you ask ,.... XD  *whacked
Let us be a good friend ^^


Is This Happiness?!


Too much happiness today!!! XD
I got my internship and YAMACHII COMES TO US!!!

*massive nosebleed

hwangtinglee great that you are back!!! :3
take care of your health yo! :3


Rebellion ~Distrust~

Title: Rebellion ~Distrust~
Author: Renveriouz
Pairing: YamaChii
Rating: NC-17
Genre: angst, romance
Summary: they are survival and they are fighting against the president
Chapter 6Collapse )

Jessica!! :D


Island of Gods Part 1